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Author: Bin Ramke | ISBN: 1890650269 : 9781890650261 | Format: Paperback | Size: 135x230mm | Pages: 117 | Weight: .206 Kg. | Published: IPG (Omnidawn Publishing) – September 2007 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Poetry texts & anthologies

In his ninth poetry collection

Mr. Ramke exposes the myriad tendrils that bind together to become experience. Both intensely intimate and profoundly objective, his lyrically elegant, vibrantly elastic sentences allow a reader to follow the personal, cultural, literary, philosophic, artistic threads that intertwine to create our conscious understandings. Mr. Ramke examines not only the impact of family, culture, class, gender, historical moment, landscape, but also the ways that the language we use becomes for us the skein of our reality. From inch worm moths to Gregg shorthand, from trash-fishing on the bayou to the horrors of world war, from the healing powers of teatime and the impact of great art and literature to the profound devastation of the floods upon our southern landscape and the people who struggle to live on there, Bin Ramke shows us how the tendrils of meaning running through them all are made of words, which weave together to form the fabric of our lives.