nemu records 003

Bruce Eisenbeil – guitar | Klaus Kugel – drums | Perry Robinson – clarinet | Peter Evans – trumpet, piccolo trumpet | Hilliard Greene– double bass

Recorded april 2005 at Leon Lee Dorsey Studio and mixed at Avatar Studio by Anthony Ruotolo in NYC. Mastered by Ulrich Seipel, USM Produktions, Darmstadt/Germany. Produced by Bruce Eisenbeil & Klaus Kugel

Many thanks to: Marc Lambrechts [] for allowing us to use his work “Melodies” for our cover, Peter Gannushkin ( for the photos of Perry Robinson and Peter Evans, Matthias Creutziger (] for the photo of Klaus Kugel, Yukio Fukushima ( for Bruce Eisenbeil’s photo, Eleanor Gillers for the second photo of Peter Evans. Special thanks to Ulrich Seipel and Vittorio LoConte! Bruce Eisenbeil would like to thank Danielle George, Steve Hayden, John and Nancy Eisenbeil, Daniel and Mary George, Michael and Sharon Cirello, Leroy Aiello, Fender Musical Instruments, Martin guitars and strings, Ibanez guitars, Mesa Boogie, J. D’Addario and Co. Graphic design by Christiane Resch. Linernotes by Bill Shoemaker.

Tracklist: 1. Journey to Strange [7:19] 2. Monster [7:46] 3. Iono [11:57] 4. Bobosong [ 12:19] 5. Diagonal People [9:28] 6. Carnival Skin [4:21] Total Time: [53:13]