nemu records 012

Roby Glod – alto & soprano saxophone | Roberta Piket – piano | Mark Tokar – bass | Klaus Kugel – drums

OP DER SCHMELZ LIVE is recorded by Boris Thomé at Centre Culturel, Op der Schmelz in Dudelange, Luxembourg, February 2010. Mastered by Ulrich Seipel, USM Production, Darmstadt, Germany. Linernotes by Howard Mandel, NYC, USA. Produced by Roby Glod, Roberta Piket, Mark Tokar and Klaus Kugel. Artwork & graphic design by Fanro Airam. Photo “Haute Fourneaux de Dudelange” by Charles Bernhoeft. Backside photos: Roby Glod by Fred Bisenius, Roberta Piket by Daniel Sheehan, Mark Tokar by Pawel Owczarczyk, Klaus Kugel by Petras Vysniauskas. Inside photo: Roby Glod by Arsene Ott.

Tracklist: 1. Dredger Of Pig Rolls [13:07] 2. Lviv [7:35] 3. Budmo, Hay! [14:25] 4. Nazar [6:13] 5. Op der Schmelz [18:01] 6. Still Alive [5:54] Total Time: [65:27]