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Newer Lies

Dan Jalowica

Series: (Essential Poets Series, 136) | Author: Dan Jalowica | ISBN: 1550712284 : 9781550712285 | Format: Paperback | Size: 125 x 200mm | Pages: 70 | Weight: .41 Kg. | Published: Guernica Editions – March 2006  | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Works by individual poets: from c1900-

Newer Lies

contains a sequence of narrative lyrics guaranteed to turn readers upside over with its relentless restraint and exquisite comprehension of the world in which we live, work, and die. It’s meticulous, accomplished, and endlessly revealing. From East Coker to Northern Ontario, the fine line between poetry and deceit lurks, inevitably, in the corners of each of our lives. Dan Jalowica illuminates precisely these in language honed, spare, pure, gorgeous.