Faruq Z. Bey – tenor, alto saxophone, poetry | Mike Carey – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute | Skeeter Shelton – tenor, soprano saxophone | Mike Gilmore – vibes, marimba | Mike Johnston – bass, gongs | Nick Ashton – drums

Executive producer: Mike Khoury. Recording, mixing & mastering: Tim O’Brien. Photography: Jay Shurtliff. Design: Mark Rudolph. All music is acoustic.

A film by: Timothy O’Brien and Andrew Bare. Original DVD contains: 1 hour feature live music performance3 bonus songs 3 interviews 3 poetry pieces slide show (plus more) bonus CD of 5 tracks taken from the dvd (same sound mixes).

Tracklist original Journey Into The Valley DVD: 1. Family Folk Song Moors 2. In Memoriam 3. Auzar 4. In the Valley 5. Gemini 6. Mystery of Love | Bonus Songs: 1. Fosters/Blue Monk 2. Sherrif Sam (Sound by Law) watch 3. Zychron | Poetry Selections: by Farouq Z. Bey 1. Curl Of The Butterfly’s Tongue 2. Drempt Sequence 3. Now’s The Time

Tracklist Journey Into The Valley Bonus CD: 1. Family Folk Song Moors 2. Zychron 3. Fosters/Blue Monk 4. Sherrif Sam (Sound by Law) 5. Mystery Of Love