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copyright 2008 by francEyE

Some of these poems have appeared in various publications including Beyond Baroque Magazine and Pearl. Greatful acknowledgement is made to the editors.

The poems Start In Art At One and Pitiful Song To A Pitiless Critic that appear at the front and back of this collection were retrieved from the contents of the celebrated old metal file box (spray painted gold) found in a dumpster shortly after Charles Bukowski’s passing that contained the “lost” Bukowski poems. However, this was only a part of the find. The contents are actually the collected works and meeting minutes of the Unitarian poetry group that francEyE and others were a part of during the 1950s-1960s.

Her initials, “fdb” indicate “Frances Dean Bukowski,” which is how she had signed some of her work during this period. These poems are used with the kind permission of Linda Lee Bukowski.

The following individuals contributed to help make this book possible: Marie Blakey, Linda Lee Bukowski, Dona Dirlam, John Harris, Ann Menebroker, Lorraine Perrotta, David Smith, Scott Wannberg and The Ongoing Dancers e-list. Very sincere and grateful thanks to all.

Edited by S.A. Griffin, Photo of francEyE at the Church in Ocean Park by Marie Blakey. Cover painting The Joy Theatre, New Orleans 2006 by Diana Bonebrake. Layout and design by Kelly Dessaint, Irina Belenky and S.A. Griffin. Rose of Sharon Press First Edition, September 2008, Rose of Sharon Press, P.O.Box 29171, Los Angeles, CA. 90029-0171, Distributed for Rose of Sharon by Phony Lid Publications. ISBN: 1-930935-32-3. This book is 8.5×11, 126 pages, perfect bound with over 130 poems inside. Introduction by John Harris and additional comments by Neeli Cherkovski. The book includes work by francEyE from the early 60s until the present.