Frank Harrison – piano | Davide Petrocca – bass | Stephen Keogh – drums | Alyth McCormack – vocals | Richard Douglas Pennant – poems | Pere Rovira – poems | Meritxell Nus – poems

Stephen Keogh plays Spizzichino cymbals and uses Remo drum heads. Recorded by Stefano Ameno at artesuono studio, Udine, Italy (January, 2011). Mixed and mastered by Andrew Tulloch at the Blue Studio, London, UK (february, 2011). Produced by Josep Ramon Jove. Co-produced by Stephen Keogh. Cover image: Daniel Gustav Cramer: untitled (mountain) #06, 2007. Cegin productions 1

Tracklist: 1. she moved through the fair (traditional)  2. once upon a time in america (Ennio Morricone) 3. dheannain sugradh ris a nigh’n duibh (i would sport with the black haired girl) (traditional) 4. what are you doing the rest of your life? (Michel Legrand) poem in catalan: paris amb tu (Pere Rovira) 5. three hours (Nick Drake)  6. how about you? (Burton Lane) 7. orbit (Harrison, Keogh, Petrocca) poem in catalan: autopista (Meritxell Nus) 8. here come de honey man (Harrison, Keogh, Petrocca) poem: 1963 (Richard Douglas Pennant) 9. a fhleasgaich oig (oh most gentle youth) (traditional) 10. mind’s eye (Harrison, Keogh, Petrocca) poem in catalan: records de l’altre mon (Pere Rovira) 11. inutil passagem (if you never come to me) (a C. Jobim) 12. relentless (Harrison. Keogh, Petrocca) poem: old tractors never die (Richard Douglas Pennant) 13. blue in green (Davis. Evans) poem in catalan: de breuitate (Meritxell Nus) Bonus Tracks 14. mind’s eye (Harrison, Keogh, Petrocca) poem in spanish: recuerdos del otro mundo (Pere Rovira) 15. what are you doing the rest of your life? (Michel Legrand) poem in spanish: paris contigo (Pere Rovira)

Art is one way

of communicating truth and beauty. For those of us who are convinced that beauty can only come out of truth, the effort involved in shaping an artwork is an intense and deeply satisfying experience. Open Secrets was made in this spirit, with an honesty embedded in each note and each word; with a pulse woven through each verse; with the timeless essence of jazz and the influence of our ancestors as evoked through Celtic Folk music. The recordings on this disc are a sonorous and deeply articulated alchemy. The result illustrates how art is capable of opening the door to a new dimension by combining different disciplines and styles; music and poetry walking hand in hand towards an undefined place full of new discovery. This is a journey into endless landscapes and skies; each unique and special, depending on the emotions of each listener. — Josep Ramon Jove (artistic director)