Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone | Ove Volquartz _ bass and contrabass clarinets | Gianni Lenoci _ piano | Cristiano Calcagnile _ drums

Music _ Instant compositions by Calcagnile, Lenoci, Mimmo, Volquartz. Live recording _ March the 19th, 2013, at The Apex, Göttingen, Germany. Mixing _ Cristiano Calcagnile. Mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy. Graphics _ Mirko Spino. Production _ Reciprocal Uncles. Executive production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records. Thanks to Andreas Thamm for his precious help

Tracklist: 1. Schönberg slides on boulevard Dali. 2. Flowerpiercers on Cecil rd. 3. Zögernd in der Weberngasse 4. Blaues Schichtengeflecht 5. Act not re-act 6. Graciously flowing shadows 7. Almost presto