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The Rhino Gate Poems

Author: George Ellenbogen | ISBN: 1550650793 : 9781550650792 | Illustrations: b/w photos & illustrations  | Format: Paperback | Size: 155x230mm | Pages: 94 | Weight: .155 Kg. | Published: IPG (Véhicule Press) – January 1996 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Poetry texts & anthologies

In this new collection, George Ellenbogen presents a canvas that includes a variety of inhabitants–the restless wife of an East African planter, a Yugoslav victim of brutality, a Holocaust survivor, a Lebanese immigrant, and an aging hockey goaltender–all of whom come to realize that in exploring the trauma of places they considered their own, they are formulating their own exile.

George Ellenbogen’s last book, Along the Road from Eden, was published by Véhicule Press in 1989. Allan Brown, writing in the Whig Standard Magazine called it “a powerful and disturbing book [with] moments of wild comedy.” A collection of Ellenbogen’s poems was published in Paris in 1997 by Harmattan.