Henry Kuntz & Paul V. Kuntz | DOUBLE VISION | HBD 03/MP3

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Double Vision is the third release of music

that actively attempts to extend the formal parameters of free improvisation. The first recordings were Envision New Music and Envision Ensemble Live at Berkeley Arts Festival.

The surface of this music will not feel unfamiliar, but the thinking behind it is different; the assumptions underlying it different.

Taking off from the idea of “festival form”, the music embodies a kind of meta-archetype. It is less a confluence of interests, musical or otherwise (the archetypical norm), than a confluence of Being – or beings. It moves toward a more inclusive and expansive ideal.

Double Vision follows its own idiosyncratic path toward that ideal.

Henry Kuntz & Paul V. Kuntz | DOUBLE VISION | HBD 03/CDR 13

DOUBLE VISION Total Time (48:23)

1. Sunflower Buttercups (14:07) 2. Bluebonnet Poppies (11:17) 3. Redwood Oaks (11:12) 4. Sagebrush Tumbleweeds (7:21) 5. Lotus Cactus (4:25)

Henry Kuntz: Mexican toy violin (Paracho), Angel soprano recorder (Korea), Two Guatemala bamboo flutes, India bamboo flute, Chinese musette, Reed horn with resonant gourd bell (Indonesia). (The 6-hole reed horn is similar to an Indian snake charmer’s flute but without a drone tube.) Paul Kuntz: piano, prepared piano, small percussion.

Recorded: 1-4: April 7, 2015; 5: April 6, 2015 Houston Texas. Recorded and mastered by Paul Kuntz. Musician photos by Paul Kuntz.