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Multi-Track Recording by Henry Kuntz July 16/17 1995.

Re-Mastered 2007 for Release on “Speed of Culture Light”. Cassette Box, Dreamtime Tapes Digital. Transfer by Michael Zelner. C & P Humming Bird Records 2011 – Humming Bird CDR 4.

Henry Kuntz Sax & Stories


1. SONIC FLARES (19:11)Solo Tenor Saxophone. (4 minutes excerpt)

Recorded Live at Beanbenders, Berkeley, Ca October 4,1998 DAT Recording & CD Master Suki O’Kane/ZOKA.

2. 6 TRACK ANGELS (20:12)  Balinese Gamelan (Gender, 10 keys) and Gamelan Selunding (Two 4-key instruments), Javanese Gamelan Pelog (Saron, 7 keys) and Slendro (Saron, 9 keys), Chinese Musette, Drums & Percussion.(4 minutes excerpt)

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