Blaise Siwula | John Gilbert | Fulgornatus | MP3

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Blaise Siwula – (saxophone) | John Gilbert – (guitar)

Tracklist: 1. Orange Sails 2. People never met passing 3. 4 Challenges can Count 4. Turned Time in retrograde 5. Continual A Rise 6. Can’t see the fine print 7. Dream State Relevance 8. Dot Dot Be Dot…

Fulgornatus “ornate lightning” from Latin roots- was recorded 10-4-08 in Brooklyn, NY. The song titles refer to reflective responses of the structures ie spontaneous compositions. This partnership began via the internet. John Gilbert guitar is a resident of Tampa, Fl and Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax and clarinet is in Brooklyn, NY. They met at Blaise’s studio in Brooklyn with two microphones and a HD recorder and performed the concepts that had been inferred via email and phone calls. 20th century classical music … microtonal approaches in composition… Messeian…. Thelonious Monk. John Gilbert- guitarist and musical innovationist, serialist of microtones & death metal guitarist. Blaise Siwula – Saxophones/Clarinets adherent of free original music in any medium or genre.


This download consists of one zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.