Henry Kuntz | Wayang Saxophony Shadow Saxophone | CD

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Henry Kuntz


Henry Kuntz / tenor saxophone (Recorded April 14, 2006 solo; January 7 & February 18, 2006 for four tenors)

In an alluring set of solo and multi-track improvisations inspired by his mixed-media presentations of saxophone and puppet theatre, Henry Kuntz re-examines the sound, technique, and musical dimensions of the tenor.

“The saxophone considered both as a resonator and source of sounds – extended mouthpiece clicks, vocal and fricative effects or continuous sounds that hesitate, moving back into the realm of its component elements – is later presented, through overlaying, as a complete polyphonic, seemly conceived in reverse order instrument.” – modisti, February 23, 2007

“What is amazing to me is that Henry is able to layer these strange and unique sounds into something solid that speaks to us like the long lost or buried voices of ghosts.” – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery