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Henry Kuntz


(HBT 007)

Henry Kuntz / Balinese gamelan and gamelan selunding, Balinese wood and bamboo xylophones, African balafon (Mali) and “fetish” gongs (Togo), Mexican Indian violin, Chinese musette, Bolivian bass flute, Thai mouth organ, voice. Four 4-track pieces of 20 plus minutes each – C-90 (Recorded October 30, 31, November 1,2, December 1-4, 1989.

“New” New Music! Innovation in the Innovations.

Improvisational form is freely extended in these sonically-rich, culturally-open multi-track ensembles.

“It’s from another planet!” – John Oswald (alto saxophonist, performance artist, “Plunderphonics” )