rogueart jazz

Jeff Albert: trombone | Kidd Jordan: tenor saxophone | Joshua Abrams: double bass | Hamid Drake: drums

Recorded by Wesley Fontenot (assistant Nick Guttmann) on November 21st 2011 at Piety Street Studios, New Orleans, LA, USA. Mixing and mastering: Jeff Albert at Flora Sound. Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont. Photograph: Zack Smith. Cover design: Max Schoendorff. Cover realisation: David Bourguignon, URDLA. Producers: Jeff Albert & Benjamin Lyons. Executive producer: Michel Dorbon

Special thanks to Jeff Zielinski and Nobu Ozaki, your help was instrumental.

Track list: 1. Three on Two (8:42) 2. Instigation Quartet #3 (5:12) 3. Instigation Quartet #1 (5:50) 4. Instigation Quartet #2 (6:31) 5. The Tree on the Mound (4:56) 6. Instigation Quartet #6 (12:13) 7. The Strut (9:07)