rogueart jazz

Nicole Mitchell, Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Swell, Rob Mazurek, Matana Roberts, Chad Taylor, Matt Bauder, Jason Adasiewicz, Kevin Drumm, Matthew Lux, Mauricio Takara, Guilherme Granado, John Herndon, Mike Reed, Damon Locks.

CD 1 – Exploding Star Orchestra featuring Roscoe Mitchell. Matter: Sixty-Three Moons of Jupiter | CD 2 – Rob Mazurek – Solo Electronic Works

Rob Mazurek: direction, cornet (CD 1), electronics (CD 2), compositions | Roscoe Mitchell: alto & soprano saxophones | Nicole Mitchell: flutes & voice | Matana Roberts: alto saxophone | Matt Bauder: tenor saxophone | Steve Swell: trombone | Jason Adasiewicz: vibraphone & tubular bells | Kevin Dumm: electronics | Matthew Lux: bass guitar | Mauricio Takara: cavaquino & percussions | Guilherme Granado: samplers & marimba | John Herndon: drums | Mike Reed: drums | Chad Taylor: drums | Damon Locks: voice

All compositions by Rob Mazurek

Exploding Star Orchestra (CD-1) recorded live on May 9th 2009 by Egidio Conde at SESC Vila Marina, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Additional recording by Greg Norman on January 11th 2011 in Chicago, USA. Mixing (CD-1): Helder Velasquez Smith. Mastering (CD-1 & 2): Jean-Pierre Bouquet, L’Autre Studio, Vaires-sur-Marne, France. Lithographs: Rob Mazurek. Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont. Photographs: Paulo Borgia. Cover design: Max Schoendorff. Cover realisation: David Bourguignon. Producer: Michel Dorbon

the two litographs: MATTER ANTI-MATTER 1 and MATTER ANTI-MATTER 2 have been done by Rob Mazurek on March 2013 (20 ex. on velin de Rives) at URDLA, Villeurbanne, France. Both lithographs are 3D; reproductions are included in the albums. When orderd on our website, 3D glasses will be send as well.

Tracklist: 1. Lo and Volcanic (CD 1) (3:31) 2. Europa (CD 1) (7:18) 3. Ganymede and the Ice Parade (CD 1) (5:25) 4. Callisto the Bear (CD 1) (8:29) 5. Himalia a Metaphor for Joe Frazier (CD 1) (5:15) 6. Almathea is Red (CD 1) (8:14) 7. Elara Beneath the Underground (CD 1) (6:43) 8. Pasiphae Gives Birth to the Minotaur (CD 1) (4:24) 9. Cryogenics After the Land of Spirals (CD2) (17:55) 10. Pondering the Hidden Light (CD2) (3:24) 11. Stalking the Spectrum of Inevitable (CD2) (17:04) 12. Last Breath on the Forgotten Planet (CD2) (1:07) 13. Ascension Dream Phoenix (CD2) (8:48)