New and selected Poems from Elizabeth, New Jersey
by Joe Weil

Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books

We thank the editors of the following publications for printing some of the poetry in this collection: Ball Peen, Big Hammer, Big Scream, Palanquin Press, Red Brick Review, Lips, The Black Swan Review, The Paterson Literary Review, New Jersey Bowel & Bladder Control, Bum Rush the Page (Three Rivers Press), Identity Lessons (Penguin Books), Journal of New Jersey Poets, Ode to Elizabeth & Other Poems, In Praise We Enter, A Portable Winter, New Labour Forum.

Other books by Joe Weil: Ode to Elizabeth and Other Poems edited & published by Dwyer Jones, 1995. I’ve Seen the Light. Herschel Silverman’s Beehive Press, 1997. 15 Cinquains for a Rainy Day or Two. Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books, 1998. limited edition of 50 copies. In Praise We Enter. Rain Bucket Press, 1998. A Portable Winter with an introduction by Harvey Pekar. Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books, 1999.

This Book is Dedicated to Maria Mazziotti Gillan who has helped my sorry ass on many an occasion.