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(Infant of the Aftermath)

Copyright © 1995 by John Bennett. All Rights Reserved. Cover and Interior Artwork Copyright © 1995 by Jim Kay. Author’s Photo Copyright © 1995 by Jackie Bangs. Published by The Smith, 69 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201-4003. Typography by Pineland Press 1074 Feylers Corner Road, Waldoboro, Maine

A novel about a German war orphan who grows up in America and self-destructs in a burst of flashbacks in the Sixties.

“Bodo is as well-told and movingly described a story as many a ballyhooed book stacked in shiny covers in major bookstores.” — San Diego Reader

“Bennett’s writing is fluid and often movingly perceptive…” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Bennett brings to his novel a hard, clean style, knowledge of history, a satirical edge and unusual tact.” — Los Angeles Times