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Recorded Spring, Summer and Fall, 2010 at Future Sound NY. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan Evangelista. Artwork by Ken Silverman. Design by | | Contact: | ©© Ken Silverman/SoundSeer Records

These pieces are all original compositions, recorded specifically for this CD, with the exception of ‘Blind Lemon’, which is a home recording from some time ago. The compositions were not written with anyone in mind, but as each piece seems to evoke a different feeling and influence, I decided to name them for specific artists who I admire and have influenced me. They are all in very different ways VISIONARIES.

Tracklist: 1. FOR ALFRED H. (To the greatest director of all time.) [0:54] 2. PIG SNORT (For the great Robert Fripp) [2:34] 3.IRANIAN (“When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the hearts of men.” Rumi) [2:54] 4. SABICUS (Dedicated to the flamenco master) [8:00] 5. POP ERNESTO CAVOUR (Ernesto Cavour was a Bolivian charango master, who literally wrote the book on how to play the instrument) [4:01] 6. VISIONARIES (Three very different seers of 20th century music: T-Bone Walker [3:18], Jimmy Page [1:56], Arsenio Rodriguez [3:46]) 7. HAMZA (This piece was created by layering oud parts. For the sublime Nubian oudist, Hamza El Din) [11:07] 8. FOR SYD (An exploration in synth sounds dedicated to the original psychedlistician, the man who first bent minds, Syd Barrett) [6:02] 9. BLIND LEMON (For Blind Lemon Jefferson, one of the great early country bluesmen. Recorded primitively on cassette tape in the pre-digital era) [2:20]