The Ken Silverman Septet | From Emptiness | CD

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Ken Silverman Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Oud, Hand Percussion | Roy Campbell Trumpet, Pocket Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute | Kossan Chanting and Sanshin | Blaise Siwula Alto Saxophone and Clarinet | Tom Shad Turkish Cumbus | Dave Miller Drums | Tom Swafford Violin

Recorded November 2009 at Future Sound, NY. Recorded and Mixed by Ivan Evangelista. Mastered by Matthew Agoglia. Paintings by Ken Silverman. Design by | | Contact: | A SoundSeer Production | ©©2011 Ken Silverman/SoundSeer Records

Thanks to you the listener and special thanks to the musicians. A word about Kossan: A practicing Buddhist monk, I met him while he was chanting in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years ago. He was game for trying improvisation and proved to be a natural. The centerpiece of this recording is “FROM”, which is an orchestral arrangement designed to create improvised episodes of shifting instrumental combinations. The other pieces are all free improvisations. I hope you enjoy. — Ken Silverman NYC, 2011

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