The Burning Mirror

Kerry Shawn Keys

Author: Kerry Shawn Keys | ISBN: 0977252493 : 9780977252497 | Format: Paperback | Size: 140 x 215mm | Pages: 92 | Weight: .134 Kg. | Published: Presa Press – July 2007 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Works by individual poets: from c1900-

Avant-garde, boom generation poet, translator and international multimedia artist Kerry Shawn Keys

presents a new volume of his surrealistic poetry. His poems are imagistic, lyrical vehicles that express Keys’ personal observations of the natural world, contrasted to the artificiality of man’s world. Keys’ work has been praised by Pulitzer Prize winners Gary Snyder and Gerald Stern, among others, as innovative and musical. As a member of the post-war baby boom generation of poets, his approach is that of a deconstructionst, dancing to the inner music of a post-modern sensibility. An entertaining, thought-provoking read.