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Kip Hanrahan | Jack Bruce | Don Pullen | Robbie Ameen | Alfredo Triff | Leo Nocentelli | JT Lewis | David Sanchez | Ralph Petersen Jr. | Anthony Carillo | Richie Flores | Milton Cardona | Lucy Penabaz | Andy Gonzales | Mario Riviera

Director, Producer: Kip Hanrahan. This album was recorded in New York from February to May, 1992 and was mixed from April to August, 1992. Engineer:John Fausty. Assistant engineers: Sue Dyer, John Azelvandre, Mike Krowiak. Studios: RPM, Sorcerer sound. Mastering engineer: Greg Calbi. Mastering studio: Sterling sound. Cover paintings: Ritchard Rodriguez. Cover photographs: Ashkan Sahihi, Charles Reilly, Petra Sepulveda. Cover design: Henrik Langsdorf & capoeira graphics. Associate producers: Scott Marcus, Nancy Hanrahan. Thanks to Doreen Stair, Tony Buzzeo.

G-d is Great was written by Jack Bruce and Kip Hanrahan in Suffolk, England in February 1981. The other songs were written by Kip Hanrahan in New York from February to May 1992.

Tracklist: 1. You can tell a Guy by his Anger 2. The Last Song 3. As in Angola (Red Star in the Morning Sky) 4. Red Star 5. You can tell Someone Who’ll Never Fulfill Their Potential by the Way They Measure the Evening 6. What We Learned That Night in Vera Cruz and How we Applied it 7. G-d is Great 8. As in the Bronx (You Can Tell Where Someone Comes From by What They Laugh At) 9. You Can Tell A Moment of Clarity by The Digital Traces it Leaves 10. As in The Red Morning 11. The Last Song on the Album