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A recording of the songs and rhythms of ten Orishas (Deities) of Santeria in New York.

american clavé 1004

Produced by Kip Hanrahan. Executive producer Scott Marcus. Engineered by Jon Fausty. Recorded August 26-27, mixed September 5-6,1985 at Sound Ideas Studio, New York. Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York. Photography by Spencer Ashton Richards. Design by Capoeira Graphics

The Eya Arania facilitates communication between the Orishas (Gods) and the devotees. This is done through a series of chants for each Orisha, led by an Akpwon (singer) and Ankori (chorus) in a call and response pattern while the bata (three different sized, double-headed, hourglass shaped drums) play corresponding rhythms.

The Eya Aranla Ensemble: Akpwon (Leader): Milton Cardona (lead singer, Atchere, Chekere, lya on “Salute To Elegua”) Bata (Drummers): Hector “Place” Hernandez (lya, Chekere), Steve Berrios (Itotele. Chekere), Jose Fernandez (Okonkolo, Chekere) Ankori (Chorus): Sandra “Fela” Wiles, YomiYomi Awolowo, Carole Awolowo, Paulette “Nirvana” Buckley, Amma Oforiwaa Agyapon, Denise Ola Dejean, Linda Evans, Amma Dawn, Teresa Gomez

Tracklist: 1. Salute to ELEGUA (La LuBanche) [1:09] 2. ELEGUA God of the Crossroads, all rituals are begun by invoking Elegua (Echu). He is a restless God, and can cause much annoyance to mortals. He is known to punish those who do not respect him. [3:55] 3. OGUN The God of all things iron and mineral, and the God of War. [3:04] 4. OCHOSI The God of the Hunt, symbolized by the bow and arrow. [2:27] 5. EBIOSO A Dahomean chant for Ochosi, also known as Ebioso. [2:29] 6. BABALU AYE The God of Illnesses who in his time contracted leprosy. As an old man on crutches he became a seer who could look into the future. [3:53] 7. OBATALA Depicted as a bisexual deity depending on the occasion, Obatala is considered the “Creator of the World.” Among the Afro-Cubans, the female counterpart is the personification of all things feminine, maternal, and creative. [4:29] 8. CHANGO The God of Virility and Strength, also of Thunder and Lightning. He is representative of unbridled sexuality. There is no deity more vehement or energetic. [5:13] 9. YEMAYA Also known as Yalode, she is the Queen of the Seas, the Goddess of Motherhood. [5:52] 10. OCHUN Also known as Panchagara, she is the Goddess of Love and Lust. She is depicted as being attractive, sensuous, witty, and wicked. She is the Goddess of Rivers, Lagoons, and Gold and represents all things sweet and beautiful. [4:12] 11. ODUDUA Odudua is the oldest of all the Obatalas. [2:32] 12. ELEGUA (Closing) [2:02]