selected poems

by Matt Borkowski

Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books

With an introduction by Joe Weil. Special thanks to James Wolffolk, American painter, 1947-1994, who suggested the title Uptown-Down! I was going to call it A Pillar of Salt, or something else, equally ridiculous. Many of these poems have been published in the following periodicals: Arbella, Ball Peen, Big Hammer, Guillotine, Half Dozen of the Other, Long Shot. Much thanks to their editors. I also wish to thank David Roskos, a great editor and a real good friend, whose encouragement has kept me writing many times, when I couldn’t see any reason to continue.–Matt.

Uptown-Down! copyrite 1999 by Matthew Borkowski, ISSN 1-877968-22-6. Front cover aerial shot of New Brunswick, NJ, taken by Mike Taylor (aka DiNarco) from the roof of Charlie Ewen’s All Ears Inn on French Street.