Michael Vlatkovich – trombone / compositions | Chris Lee – drums | Kent McLagen – acoustic bass

Recorded live performance at West Side Books, Denver Colorado. 7/18/07 by Craig Kayser. Edited and mastered by Wayne Peet 5/14/08 Newsone Studio, Los Angeles. All Artwork and photography: Jill Torberson. Graphic design: William Rober. Liner poetry: Mark Weber

Tracklist: 1. The Fat Dance (6:46) 2. Somehow We Can’t Catch a Glimpse Of Our Future in A Passing Train Window Train Window (6:57) 3. Length of the Tail Doesn’t Really Matter But It Does Have To Be Bushy (8:14) 4. Neighbourhood Beasts Let Down Their Hair (5:54) 5. Model Planetarian (5:48) 6. The Man Who Walks…(5:39) 7. Where is Wanda Skutnick? (6:55)