Opeye | Trio & Quartet | Royal Garden Sweet | MC

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Opeye: Trio & Quartet


(HBT 015)

Ben Lindgren / doublebass; Esten Lindgren / trombone, conch shell trumpet, ukulele banjo, Thai wood xylophone; John Kuntz / ukulele, ukulele banjo, mandolin, Balinese & Javanese gamelans and various drums and percussion; Henry Kuntz / Nepalese, Balinese, and Bolivian wood flutes, Chinese musette, tenor saxophone, conch shell trumpet, and various drums and percussion. (Recorded January 22 and July 23, 1994)

Innovation in these classically improvised sound excursions is a logical outgrowth of a well-founded and felt traditional continuum.

“Henry Kuntz is the Ornette Coleman of Nepalese, Balinese and Bolivian flutes…..Opeye’s music has much more in common with the subconscious designs of weird dreams, things falling down basement stairs and squirrels in the attic. First-rate improvisation, an environment for relaxed little prophesies, which is ironic since the music is so constantly active.” –Davey Williams, The Improvisor, Volume XI, 1996.