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Yet Another Home : Poems

Author: Peter Jailall | ISBN: 1896219144 : 9781896219141 | Format: Paperback | Size: 135x210mm | Pages: 59 | Weight: .116 Kg. | Published: Dundurn Press (Natural Heritage Books) – January 1997 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Poetry anthologies: from c1900-

These poems focus on Guyanese-Canadians

no longer a new immi-grant group, but a cultural group that has integrated into the Canadian mainstream. The poems address the settlement of seniors and their grandchildren in their new Canadian home. For the seniors and for the wider Canadian and Caribbean audience, the author re-entered the Guyanese culture back home to remind myself and my readers and listeners of both our new and old homes. The section “For the Young”” is suitable for all young Canadians who enjoy listening and reading poetry that talks about the emergence of a Canadian culture that al-ways keeps renewing itself.