Stefan Dill | Flower and Song | Zerx | CD

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Stefan Dill 6 and 12 string electric guitars, flamenco guitar | Jack Wright saxophones | John Dikeman saxophones | John Jasnoch guitar | Dave Wayne percussion | Dave Nielsen bass

“One of the principal attractions for me in performing improvised music is the telepathy, the connectivity that can occur between accomplished improvisers: the immediate call and response, the ability to find each others pitches, the simultaneity of rhythmic gestures and phrases.” — Stefan Dill

Track List

1. Ak’Abil (Early Dawn)
2. Circle Of Skies
3. The Serpent Mat
4. Another Quick One
5. Zakil Amek’El (Light That Lasts)
6. Dance, O Precious Jade, O Precious Turqoise
7. Song For Two Sofis
8. Razor House
9. Remembrance
10. Sleeping In Fire
11. In Xochtil, In Cuicatl (Flower And Song)
12. Sing, Heart Of Joy