The Lions’ Gate : Selected Poems of Titos Patrikios

Titos Patrikios

Author: Translated by Christopher Bakken & Roula Konsolaki | ISBN: 1931112649 : 9781931112642 | Format: Hardback | Size: 155 x 230mm | Pages: 147 | Weight: .406 Kg. | Published: Truman State University Press – November 2006 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Works by individual poets: from c1900-

The Lions’ Gate introduces a crucial voice in world poetry

to readers in English. Titos Patrikios is a poet of witness and engagement. A member of the intellectual left in post-war Greece, he survived imprisonment, hard labour, censorship, and exile. He narrowly escaped death by firing squad, and once had to bury his poems to keep them from discovery by the authorities. Patrikios endured years away from his home country, Greece, and was displaced from his family and literary community. His style bears the marks of that pressure and of his persistent need to pursue what might suffice in spite of such predicaments. At times reminiscent of Hikmet, Neruda, and Milosz, Patrikios’s poems sound a note of defiant celebration. This poet’s ethos is utterly humanistic and his impulses are toward praise as often as they are toward protest.