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Anything less than a change of heart is sure catastrophe. Which, if you follow the reasoning, explains why the times are always bad. For, unless there be a change of heart, there can be no act of will. There may be a show of will, with tremendous activity accompanying it (wars, revolutions, etc.), but that will not change the times. Things are apt to grow worse, in fact.

To imagine a way of life that could be patched is to think of the cosmos as a vast plumbing affair. To expect others to do what we are unable to do ourselves is truly to believe in miracles, miracles that no Christ would dream of performing. The whole social-political scheme of existence is crazy — because it is based on vicarious living. A real man has no need of governments, of laws, of moral or ethical codes, to say nothing of battleships, police clubs, high-powered bombers and such things. Of course a real man is hard to find, but that’s the only kind of man worth talking about. It is the great mass of mankind, the mob, the people, who create the permanently bad times. The world is only the mirror of ourselves. If it’s something to make one puke, why then puke, me lads, it’s your own sick mugs you’re looking at!

That’s it. What we have in this anthology was culled from the first 25 issues and the first 11 years of the magazine. We hope you enjoy it. — John Bennett Editor VAGABOND PRESS


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Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 77-90626 | ISBN (cloth): 0-912824-19-0 ISBN (paper): 0-912824-20-4. First printing: April, 1978. The Vagabond logo was designed by Maria Spaans in 1965. Cover photography: George Stillman. Special thanks to Jill Andrea for much of the professional photography in this book.

VAGABOND would like to thank its patrons who were instrumental in making this anthology possible. Patrons as of this writing: Lifetime patrons: Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lucey, John D. McCall, Lois H. Prentice, Jerry Kiefer, and Mr. & Mrs. John Bennett Sr. Current patrons: Harriet Dolphin, anonymous, John Gilgun, anonymous, Paul Swetlik, William Walker, and Four Winds Bookstore.