I Want To Kill Everything

Vampyre Mike Kassel

ISBN: 0-929730-25-9 | Copyright 1990

“The creator of ‘anti-normal wonder’ “ — Scavenger Neweletter

Michael Alan “Vampyre Mike” Kassel – writer and musician, born December 3, 1953 in Boston to Milton ”Quinn” Kassel and Beatrice Kassel, brilliant underground poet and talented musician Vampyre Mike passed away after a long battle with hepatitis March 22, 2008 in his room at San Francisco’s Marina district Bridge Motel (one of the few San Francisco SRO Hotels not located south of Market). He resided at The Bridge for over twenty years. In high school in Boston his first band was Self Winding Onion and in 1973-1974 he was in Automatic Slim with Fred Pineau (who later gained success with The Atlantics).