zeno de rossi | simone massaron | pacho | giorgio pacorig | massimo pupillo | jusi in the wine house | long song records

Zeno De Rossi – drums, other | Simone Massaron – guitars, fuzz bass (tracks 2,9,14), banjo, stuff | Pacho – percussion, other | Giorgio Pacorig – piano, keyboards | Massimo Pupillo – bass

Produced by Fabrizio Perissinotto. All of the music was improvised, except “Dangerous Time” and “Fifties Panorama” (both by Simone Massaron). The improvised tracks were selected and edited by Fabrizio Perissinotto. Recorded at Officine Meccaniche Studios, Milano, may 2008 the 27th and the 28th. Sound engineer: Marco Tagliola. Mixed by Maurizio Giannotti and Fabrizio Perissinotto at New Mastering Studio, Milano. Artwork by Elena Raffa. Photo by Leo Longanesi.

Tracklist: 1. Is This It? 2. Tony Soprano 3. They Call Her One Eye 4. Dangerous Time 5. Red Meat Beat 6. Oh Man! 7. Monocle 8. Green Cats 9. Batman Smiles 10. My Name Is R.I.P. 11. Fifties Panorama 12. Make Way For Tomorrow 13. Keith Can’t Eat 14. In Bomba