Gianni Mimmo | Andrea Serrapiglio | Francesco Cusa | A Watched Pot (Never Boils) | Amirani Records

Gianni Mimmo | soprano saxophone | Andrea Serrapiglio | cello, lo-fi electronics | Francesco Cusa | percussions

c r e d i t s: music: GM & AS & FC except ° by GM & AS, * by AS & FC, § by GM & FC | recording: January 07 Mu.rec. studio, Milano , Italy. | sound engineer & mixing:Paolo Falascone | outside image:Toshikatsu Endo | inside image: Jan Håfström | graphics: Mirko Spino | production: Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records.

A Watched Pot (Never Boils) Edition number six by amirani records is A Watched Pot (never boils)

A Watched Pot (Never Boils) - Gianni Mimmo, Andrea Serrapiglio, Francesco CusaTracklist: 1. Crusty 2. Submerged Singer 3. unanswered 4. seasoned Drama 5. Put to Sleep 6. Pot Head Pixies 7. Cartoon Shouter 8. The Inner Broadcast 9. Possible Endings #1 10. Clinched 11. Creek On The Athlete 12. Climber 13. Athlete On The Creek 14. Answered 15. Possible Endings #2

Three crea(c)tive musicians coming from different and sometimes distant areas meeting in a magical recording session. Unpredictable and intriguing music, never obvious, crossing avant-jazz, concrete, romantic, ever passionate and surprising. Watched Pot trio plays great, dramatic, groovin’, cartoon, keen and childish music Unforgettable!

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One thought on “Gianni Mimmo | Andrea Serrapiglio | Francesco Cusa | A Watched Pot (Never Boils) | Amirani Records

  1. An improbable title for a trio of soprano sax, cello/lo-fi electronics and percussion, especially useful to have a better grasp of the over-average technical ability characteristic of the majority of the artists featured in Amirani’s productions. This record touches on many aspects of non-exactly-radical improvisation, from melodically well-mannered to somberly philosophical, also passing through moments of witty vivaciousness (“Put To Sleep”, with its amusing voices of toy animals); but there’s a noticeable line of inventive consideration linking every gesture of the players, which typifies the album with a coherence not always found in other releases of this imprint’s discography. Mimmo doesn’t like trespassing confines too much, preferring to investigate jargons that sound developed enough yet somewhat proverbial, his timbre a perennial thing of even-too-polished beauty. Serrapiglio’s cello poetry is often the most striking feature of the disc, poignant arco lines perfectly integrated in the general sonority when not plainly indicating the way to pursue. Cusa is a sensitive percussionist who seems unappreciative of jamborees and elephant-amidst-crystal attitudes, appearing instead as a driver of otherwise scattered energies and, on the whole, a dutiful connector.

    Massimo Ricci, Temporary Fault, may ’09

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