Gianni Mimmo | Daniel Levin | Turbulent Flow | Amirani Records

Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone | Daniel Levin _ cello

music _ instant compositions by Daniel Levin and Gianni Mimmo. recording _ 2011, October the 16th, Church of S. Maria Gualtieri, Pavia, Italy. sound engineer _ Lorenzo Sempio. mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti at NewMastering studio, Milano, Italy. cover photo _ Kyle May. inside photos _ Elda Papa. liner note _ Gilles Laheurte. graphics _ Mirko Spino. production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

Special thanks to Vittorio Lo Conte who actually caused musicians reciprocal curiosity. Thanks to Bruno Cerutti and Nicola Arata for their helpful support. Gianni Mimmo plays GLOGER HANDKRAFT saxophone neck and MASTERCLIP™ ligature

Tracklist: 01 Turbulent Flow 02 Mini-festo 03 Sculpted 04 Orbit Unknown 05 Translucent 06 Direct Speech 07 Statement 08 Inner Lied 09 Solenne

When I meet God, I’m going to ask him two questions:
Why relativity?
And why turbulence?
I really believe he will answer for the first.

(apparently apocryphal, although not implausible quote by physicist Werner Heisemberg)

gianni mimmo | daniel levin | turbulent flow | amirani records

Terrestrial atmospheric circulation

flow of rivers, oceanic currents and smoke rising from a cigarette are just a few examples of turbulent flow. While in a rowboat, who hasn’t noticed the daisy-chain whirlpools trailing behind the moving oar as it cuts through the still water? On a motor boat – whether big or small — who hasn’t been captivated by the fascinating spectacle of the turbulent flow of the boat wake? Contemplating the water swirls and eddies created behind it — its overall bulk full of effervescent textures continuously undergoing complex mixing and fluctuations both in magnitude and direction — one becomes the witness of buoying energies briefly coming to life in an ever changing seascape. As the boat pursues its journey, it leaves behind significant traces of its path that linger in the distance until they slowly dissipate.

Imaginative improvised music seems very much like this, carrying in its spontaneous path changes in textures, pressure variation, velocity in space and time, oftentimes perceived by the attentive listener as turbulent even if the musicians’ energetic currents are gentle. It behaves like most fluids, with similar dynamics, the energy released in the creative process “cascading” generally from a large-scale structure (the composer / improviser’s vision) to smaller structures (the players’ necessarily limitative individual parts), producing series of whirlpools that eventually result in the energies’ diffusion and dissipation. Playful children also often bring out in their exuberant recreation – a sort of de facto improvised entertainment – a catchy spectacle of comparable turbulent flow… as they jump from one game to another or switch from one idea to another, always seemingly with total apparent randomness, yet all along acting or reacting spontaneously while remaining ingeniously creative in the unique direction of their game(s), the common goal being having instant inventive fun.

gianni mimmo | daniel levin | turbulent flow | amirani records

Thus the recording of this very first and dynamic encounter between two sizzling improvisers / composers full of creative sonic energies could not have been given a more befitting title. Gianni and Daniel had never met or played together before. Yet, like two kids enthused at the idea of playing together, their inner vibes were in sync instantly. And when their initial smooth stream lines smartly went into a “twist in time” mode, velocity changes, diffusion / convection of ideas and syncopated rhythms in their own respective phrasings instantly created new beginnings and new challenges, offering them an exciting opportunity to go further and further. As unpredictable an interplay two young kittens can have with a newly discovered toy ~ or simply between themselves — listening to these two highly energetically charged “cats” constantly teasing each other musically is a marvel. Through their Sculpted-Direct Speech-Statement and Inner Lied as an expression of their Solenne(solemn)-Mini-Festo, let yourself be transported by their dazzling Translucent-Orbit Unknown-Turbulent Flow. A world of magical sonic surprises awaits you in the process and, pretty much like that boat leaving mesmerizing traces behind it, the music created here in Pavia will sure linger in your mind and your ears… Gilles Marie-Paul Laheurte, 21 June 2012

gianni mimmo | daniel levin | turbulent flow | amirani records

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