Halfpipe | Mammut | Mudoks Record

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Ekkehard Bay – cello, percussion | Alexander Bergmann – alt sax, percussion | Joe Luc Eschrich – drums, percussion | Phil Nylund – piano, computer, electronics | Julian Seyfried – cello, percussion | Hubert Bergmann – piano on tracks 4/5/9/10/11/12 | Udo Schindler – saxophone on track 4/5/ | Conductor – Hubert Bergmann

Tracklist: 1. Havanna 2. electric pipe 3. Dschungel I 4. Mammut 5. drops 6. Dschungel II 7. Atlantic 8. newthingnothing 9. normal swing 10. dropout 11. Trio I 12. Trio II 13. Innenraum 14. halfepipe Total Time: 68:04

Artwork: houtlayb recording | loc. werkstatt für improvisierte und neue musik | date 2006: 27.01./16.12. | 2007: 20.01./10.02./31.03./21.04. | engineer h. bergmann | mastering: mudoks | produced: 2010 by mudoks record

halfpipe | mammut | mudoks record

These recordings are from a period of 1 1/2 years

and document the work with children between 11-12 years of playing in an ensemble of new improvised music and more. The approach, as in all activities with children, is conceivable playful and it is amazing to commit with what delicacy and nuance, the players go their way. Children are oriented at a certain age more outward, toward the world of idols and role models. That this is not always in the sense of adults, or even collide, so that speaks for a method that takes up the aspects of this idols with and blends into the unknown own creative work. Thus, the adepts learn to “do their thing” and cultivate themselves in “as saying” the creative potential in themselves. That we keep on using so-called clichés is almost self-evident. We all live of patterns that guide us and we continue that. Goal from the beginning, was a maximum of musical expression with the aid of reflection usually from the moment of creating out. Increasingly, we came here in the fields of game processes which could be called composition or better call it “instant composing”. There, where with re-improvised material, structure and tone will be organized more conscious and more and more complex mobile compositions emerges. A mammoth task. — Hubert Bergmann

halfpipe | mammut | mudoks record

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