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Alison Blunt: violin | Manuel Miethe: soprano sax | Anna Kaluza: alto sax | Nikolai Meinhold: piano | Horst Nonnenmacher: double bass | plus guest Tristan Honsinger: cello

Produced by: Hanam Quintet and Aut Records. Artwork and graphics by: Sandro Crisafi

Tracks 1-2 recorded live at Lumen Church in London in September 2011. Tracks 3-9 recorded live at Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin in March 2012. Tristan Honsinger appears on tracks 7-9

Their collective CVs range from

Sam Rivers to Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Bley to the London Improvisers Orchestra and Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, taking in cabaret, dance, film and theatre music along the way. HANAM’s music is what happens when five close friends play music together – deep listening and risky, playful challenges.

“Intelligent broad canvas free improvisation to delight the imagination.” John Russell

Hanam is a Berlin based quintet of musicians

coming from different geographic areas: well know musicians like Horst Nonnenmacher (who has been part of the Improvisors poll, a group born to celebrate the collaboration between two jazz monsters as Alex Von Schlippenbach and Sam Rivers) and Alison Blunt (of various important collaborations and member of the London Improvisers orchestra that gathers, together with the Glasgow orchestra, the best of the avant-garde jazz of today in UK), joined here by the fresh possibilities of pianist Nikolai Menhold and two saxophonists, Anna Kaluza on alto sax and Manuel Miethe on soprano sax. Hanam is the perfect demonstration of how singularities can be sublimated: the interplay is the essential referring point where, in a sort of secret conduction, the musicians work on sharing energies. Each one knows how use their personal techniques to be part of a restless sound fluxus. You can easily feel it: look at their video recorded at the Vortex Jazz Club in London and appreciate their abilities and symbiosis. In this cd we find two different recordings: the Lumen Church one is a true hommage to contemporary music made by devoted to improvisation: a suite built on woodwinds overtones (Scelsi), opposed to extended percussive touches on piano and double bass (Berio) that seem to refer to the essential structures so connected to the contemporary composition strategies (Lachemann). In the other performance at the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin, a two set concert, guest artist Tristan Honsinger, the premises are confirmed: great expression of this group, able to set a quality standard of the highest kind and to play a captivating chaos improvised music, thanks to a wise contrast/fragmentation playing, able to cause that neural involvement that only free improvisation can give. These sounds are imaginative, the instruments themselves seem to cause situations through their musicians: the idea is that of a special narration the goes through innocence and unpredictability of music. Something close to Alice in Wonderland adventures, an idea close to the famous cellist Tristan Honsinger who in his participation here joins his chamber instinct (especially in less dynamic phases) to his experimental side (feeding the transversality and the opposition to the mainstream use of the instrument). Highest level. — Review by Ettore Garzia per Percorsi musicali– Agosto 2013 – traduzione gentilmente offerta da Gianni Mimmo

Hanam Quintet feat. Tristan Honsinger | aut recordsAlison Blunt

Since a classical violin training at Birmingham Conservatoire and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Blunt’s interests have led her to explore the relationships between art forms and genres and to create and perform new work either consisting of or utilising improvisation.

She has performed in the UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand with various experimental projects including Barcode Quartet, BARREL, Burning Wood, Hanam Quintet, Pierette Ensemble, Ensemble Progresivo, Emja, Krillit, Blunt/Taylor/Leahy trio, Lode, Experiments in Spontaneous Performance, Improvisers Orchestra, London Improvisers Orchestra and various other artists.

Other recent recording releases include ‘Quartet Improvisations’ with Tony Marsh, Hannah Marshall and Neil Metcalfe (psi records, 2011), ‘Gratuitous Abuse’ with Barrel (Emanem, 2011) and ‘You’re It’ with Barcode Quartet (Slam Productions, 2012) and ‘Lio leo lion’ with London Improvisers Orchestra (psi records, 2010).

Hanam Quintet feat. Tristan Honsinger | aut recordsManuel Miethe

Manuel Miethe (born 1972 in Berlin) works as a saxophonist and photographer in Berlin.

As one of the few saxophonists who have devoted themselves exclusively to the soprano saxophone, he has engaged himself over the past two decades with developing an improvisational language and body of composition for this unique instrument.

In various different projects he collaborates with musicians such as Alexander v. Schlippenbach (The Levitation w/ Horst Nonnenmacher + Lucìa Martìnez), Tristan Honsinger, saxophonists Anna Kaluza (hanam quintet w/Alison Blunt, Horst Nonnenmacher and Niko Meinhold)) and Silke Eberhard (DIE SACHE), accordionist Franka Lampe (Out Of Oro) and Marzena Lis/Rafal Mazur/Tomek Choloniewski (in Cracow/Poland). He is a member of the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra (BerIO).

In 2010 he and Nikolaus Neuser (tp) founded the Ensemble The Alliteration with Antonis Anissegos (p), Akira Ando (b), Boris Bell/Maurice de Martin (dr), Gerhard Gschlößl (tb) and Floros Floridis (reeds).

Hanam Quintet feat. Tristan Honsinger | aut recordsAnna Kaluza

Anna Kaluza studied jazz saxophone in Cologne, Vienna and London. She joined Big Bands as the Freiburger Schüler Jazzorchester and the Landesjazzorchester Berlin. She was a member of Simon Rummel’s Fantasmofonika, which was awarded the jazz art prize NRW in 2004. With the German Band Futür she released the album “Kein Schnee” in 2007 (Jazzhausmusik).

She played on festivals in Essen, Idstein, Leipzig, London, Hamburg, Köln, Düsseldorf. From 2008 to 09, she lived in London, pursued a Master’s degree at City University/Guildhall School of Music and Drama (funded by the German Academic Exchange Service). During this year she became a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra (L.I.O.) and the group Splatter and payed with musicians from the not applicable network and label.

Since returning to live in Berlin she has been establishing the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, which includes musicians from the L.I.O. and regularly plays with international guest musicians. She is a member of the Hanam Quintet, the Kaluza Quartet (with Christof Thewes, Jan Roder, Oliver Steidle), the trio Baustelle No 5 (with Julian Keßler and Johannes Held) and a Polish-German quartet with Artur Majewski, Kuba Suchar and Rafal Mazur.

Hanam Quintet feat. Tristan Honsinger | aut recordsNiko Meinhold

Born in 1975 in Hannover/Germany. Started to play the piano at the age of 7. Studied piano and composition at University of Music “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin 1997-2003 with teachers like Aki Takase, Steve Grey, Georg Gräwe, Jiggs Wigham, and graduated with outstanding notes. Masterstudent of David Friedman and Dietrich Eichmann (student of Wolfgang Riehm). Graduated Masters of Music (Jazz) at Jazz Institute Berlin 2009.

Wrote compositions and arrangements for solo instruments, ensembles, also for film, TV, and radio, like compositions for Rias Bigband and NDR Bigband as well as for theatre- and cd productions. Won Awards such as the Karl- Hofer- Award, the Berlin Senat Composers Grant, Award for best German University Jazz Band for his band Tritorn, Nordiska Kulturfondet Tourgrant for his Scandinavian band Northern Alliance for a Scandinavia tour accompanied by dancers, Second and Third Price of Jazz, Blues Award Berlin.

Toured and played on Festivals in Japan, the USA, UK, Colombia, Rumania, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Senegal, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and of course Germany with international known Musicians such as Rudi Mahall, Samuel Torres, John Schröder, Pepe Berns, Peter Weniger, Steve Nobel, Mark Sanders, Jan Roder, Taiko Saito, Anton Jimenez, Henrik Wahlsdorff, Michael Griener, Silke Eberhard, Frank Möbus, Christian Weidner, Kalle Kalima, Yelena K, Tico Arnedo, Brian Adler, Michael Rodriges, Ernesto Simpson, Dominic Lash, Ricardo Tejero, Satoko Fukuda, Guillaume Viltard, Robert Reynisson, and many more.

Member of Ber.IO (Berlin Improvisers Orchestra), London Improvisers Orchestra, and C.O.B (Composers Orchestra Berlin)

Current projects: Solopiano Improvisation on composed material of the 20th Century, the Niko Meinhold Ensemble with own compositions, the Niko Meinhold Quartett „Lessing Project“ with Literatur from Doris Lessing, the contemporary dance piece „Episodes“ developed with Frauke Requard for which he composed the music, feat. vocalist Andrew Plummer premiered at „The Place“ in London in June 2010, trio „Kokotob“, several projects with improvisers from the London Scene like „Hanam Quintet“ with Alison Blunt.

Frequent guest professor at the music faculty of Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá/ Colombia, Pianoteacher at Music Faculty of University of Applied Sience Lausitz near Berlin.

CD – selection: Niko Meinhold/Noel Taylor: “Border Patrol” (CD-Baby) Niko Meinhold/ Ulrich Nöthen: “Die Wilden Schwäne” (www.Megaeinsverlag.de) Northern Alliance (www.Phonector.de) Koko (www.Pirouet.de) Tritorn: “Sonne, Mond und Sterne” (NRW-Vertrieb) Silke Eberhard Quartett: “Mohn Marzipan” (www.Intuition.de)

Hanam Quintet feat. Tristan Honsinger | aut recordsHorst Nonnenmacher

He studied classical doublebass from 1984 until 1989 at the UdK in Berlin. He recorded numerous CDs with Sam Rivers und Alexander von Schlippenbach, Jim Black, Andreas Willers Paul Bley, Yves Robert, FRIGG featuring Elliot Sharp, David Tronzo, Phil Minton, Elliot Sharp, Association Urbanétique, Vladimir Karparov, OLoyé (feat. Eutália de Carvalho)

Concerts and tours in USA, Australia, Syria, Romania, Bulgaria, Spanien, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, England, Sweden and festivals in Berlin, Sydney, Perth, Moers, Vilshofen, Sibiu, Schleswig-Holstein and many more.

He now plays with: die schlechten Verstecke (with Joerg Hochapfel and Rudi Fischerlehner). Die Sache with Silke Eberhard, Manu Miethe and Jan Roder. The Levitation Trio with Manuel Miethe and Lucia Martinez. “Es geht” with Birkard Jasper, Adrian Sheriff, Niko Schäuble, Christof Griese, Christian Kappe. Balkanova with Viktoria Lasaroff and Andreas Brunn, (CD “Balkanova” 2012). Hannes Zerbe Jazz Orchester (CD 2012). Composers Orchestra Berlin (dir. Hazel leach). Hanam Quinintet with Alison Blunt (viol), Anna Kaluza (as), Manu Miethe (ss), Nico Meinhold (p). Angela Winkler. Berlin Improvisers Orchestra. Oloyé (brazilian music with Eutália de Carvalho). He is also teacher at the LMA Berlin and at the musicschools Berlin City West and Neukölln

Hanam Quintet feat. Tristan Honsinger | aut recordsTristan Honsinger

Tristan Honsinger (born October 23, 1949 in Burlington, Vermont, USA) is a cello player active in free jazz and free improvisation.

Honsinger studied at the Peabody Conservatory di Baltimore and he moved in 1969 to Montreal. In 1974 he moved again to Amsterdam, where he joined the ICP-Orchestra with drummer Han Bennink and pianist Misha Mengelberg. He worke among the others also with Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Lol Coxhill, Louis Moholo and with singer Mola Sylla. He was aslo member of the Cecil Taylor Ensemble.

He lives now in Berlin and he plays in several projects.

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