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Alberto Collodel – clarinets | Alessio Faraon – trumpet | Davide Lorenzon – tenor and alto saxophones | Ivan Pilat – baritone saxophone, trumpet, voice | Oreste Sabadin – clarinet

All the tracks are excepts from a collective improvisation recorded on 08/02/08 at Rizoma Produzioni by Gabriele Scopel who also mixed and mastered it. The artwork is made by Claudia Isabel Alban and Genstein. Date of release: May 1st 2010

Tracklist: 1. Surrounded by the great stream 2. A riddle 3. A tea for thress ynder the colussi tree 4. Wrapped in a mistery 5. Upneius 6. Inside an enigma 7. I’m a strange loop 8. Do you remember polarization? 9. A hum inside my head 10. Listening to the singing sand 11. I’ve got a lamp under my arm 12. In/variance 13. Fractal structure of revolutions 14. Interstellar overdrive 15. No, sir, away! A papaya war is on! 16. Learning from the sun | Total time: 34:48

Kongrosian | Bootstrap Paradox | aut records

The music of Kongrosian is free jazz

or is it improvisational jazz? I think both terms will bring to mind complete freedom, which for a few may mean “lack of organization or direction”, which in their case is untrue. Bootstrap Paradox (Aut) is a collaborative effort between the trio and Oreste Sabadin, and together they make music with a small bit of foundation, but then they each have the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere with what they do. In fact, the group say they are “a trio + 1″, and the role of that +1 is open to anyone who wants to join them. I love the concept of music that is “in the making”, or at least music that sounds like it’s being assembled as you hear it. You may hear trumpets, saxophones, and a bass clarinet play an off-key melody, while another clarinet plays around and within that melody, only for another instrument to follow, which in turns follows something else. It’s like an onion unveiling new layers, and you’re not sure whether to enjoy the onion or keep peeling.

That’s the joy of such pieces as “I’m A Strange Loop”, “Fractal Structure Of Revolutions”, and “No, sir, away! A papaya war is on!”, the words have no reason for being there and perhaps the sounds are the same. They don’t belong, but do because that’s how it’s combined, to create these reckless sounds that may make you want to join in and play. Bootstrap Paradox is an album that is far from lacking any direction, the fun is trying to compile the sounds and figure out what they’ll do next. I look forward to their next destination. — John Book

Kongrosian | Bootstrap Paradox | aut recordsAlberto Collodel

Born in Conegliano (TV) in 1981, lives now in Venice. He starts playing clarinet in his childhood, and in 1990 he gets an ANBIMA degree. In the meantime he starts playing guitar, and bass guitar, studying with Edu Hebling at ‘Suono Improvviso’ music school in Venice.

In 2005 he co-founds Aufheben, a musical collective dealing with audio-visual art, improvisation, electronic music and video making. In 2006 he enters Improvvirusoundexperience, a 13 members band, dealing with contemporary-jazz oriented improvised music. In 2007 he enters Kongrosian, a reed ensemble working with free improvisation, interpreting standard tunes and original music, collaborating with many Italian musicians. In June 2009 he enters ‘Laboratorio Novamusica’, an ensemble of contemporary music directed by pianist and composer Giovanni Mancuso.

In February 2010 he enters ‘Orchestra Componibile’, a workshop led by pianist Enrico Brion, based on musical experimentation, dealing with jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation.

Kongrosian | Bootstrap Paradox | aut recordsDavide Lorenzon

Born in Vittorio Veneto on July 1st 1980, lives now in Berlin. During the 90’s he attends Music school ‘A. Corelli’ where he studies classical clarinet and saxophone. At the end of the 90’s he shifts his interest in punk-hardcore bands, playing bass guitar and singing. In 2005 he moves back to saxophone, collaborating with bands such as ‘Improvvirusoundexperience’ (improvisation orchestra), ‘Aufheben’ (live electronics, el. bass and reeds), ‘Lunar’ (w/Alessandro Fiorin Damiani, moog filters, winner of Ixem Prize in 2007), ‘Monkey Business’ (street band), ‘Kongrosian’ (wind trio w/Alberto Collodel and Ivan Pilat).

In 2005 he schedules live sets at ‘Caffè Elettrico’ in Fregona (TV), at MAVV, Vittorio Veneto (TV), in 2008 and 2009, where he organize a workshop with New York double bass player William Parker. In 2006 he gives birth to ‘Variazioni’, research and experimental music Festival in Colle Umberto (TV), re-proposed in 2007. In 2010 he founds ‘AUT Records’, record label and booking agency.

 Kongrosian | Bootstrap Paradox | aut recordsIvan Pilat

Ivan Pilat was born in Vittorio Veneto in 1964. After studying philosophy in Venice, he joins, in the 80’s, ‘Arti Visive’ group in Vittorio Veneto (collective and personal shows, and performances with sound installations) and in 1982 he founds ‘Laboratoire Neocreative’.

In the meantime he starts studying saxophone under the guide of P. Tomelleri, in Milan. He starts collaborating with different bands and founds his own projects: Le Mad Canaje, Orbitale Trio, Solzenicyn Quartet.

He travels frequently to Germany, where he attend several courses of improvisation, in particular in Stuttgart, Tubingen and Friburg.

During the 90’s he moves to London where he studies with tenorist Alan Skidmore, and collaborates with Lol Coxhill, Stu Butterfield, Marcio Mattos, Tony Bevan, John Rangecroft and Roberto Bellatalla. He founds, in this period, Kongrosian Trio, a wind trio nowadays, which features Alberto Collodel on clarinets and Davide Lorenzon on saxophones.

During the 00’s he moves back to Italy and joins Phophonix Orchestra and founds his own orchestra ‘Improvvirusoundexperience’, based on the model of the London Improvisers Orchestra.

At the moment he’s developing his study in visual arts, with the creation of DeM. P. ZONE; he’s a stable member of Kongrosian and Phophonix Orchestra and also leads a street band.

Kongrosian | Bootstrap Paradox | aut records

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