Hubert Bergmann | Elmar Guantes | 51 minutes Stories | Mudoks Records

Hubert Bergmann – piano | Elmar Guantes – double bass

Recording date: 27./28. March 2014 at mudoks studio. Photo by Hubert Bergmann. Artwork: Birgit Nagengast. All compositions by the musicians.

Tracklist: 1. the past a …. 04:17 2. woodbones 02:00 3. flowfly 05:17 4. gohormon 01:02 5. eat photons 02:01 6. schaufelpause 01:00 7. chippings 03:09 8. Harry don’t up 02:07 9. spazierklang 03:02 10. Flugtauglich 01:00 11. Quiet bley 04:11 12. Sir Mathilda behind you 02:04 13. hymus’n humus 03:03 14. all or all not… 01:56 15. afri com ya..naja 04:08 16. touch 02:01 17. eisenspanner 02:59 18. op en 04:11 CD total time 51:00


Hubert Bergmann

is a german pianist and composer in the field of free improvisation and new music. He also makes films in the documentary genre, with a preference for hybrid forms of cinéma vérité. His first musical “career” he made as an trumpet player in the Bavarian brass style. In his youth he played in little villages in various bands for large parties, weddings, funerals and processions and same time, starting with nine years, he learned classical piano. After high school he studied in Frankfurt / Main at “Dr. Hochs Konservatorium”, first studying classical trumpet, then in the Jazz class of Christof Lauer. Living in a jazz record store (Rudis Records) for over an half year in the early 80th, co-organizing concerts and meetings with musicians of different improvising styles, was an big influence for him. Mostly hungarian pianist / composer György Szabados. After various jobs in Jazz Bands as a trumpet player, he continued his piano studies at the Music School Aschaffenburg, followed by work as a teacher of piano in a private music school. This time (mid 80 th) hestarted working with photography and super 8 film making.

In 1987, live lead him to Austria. He continued his studys there, including at the “Vienna Academy of Music”, “Institute of experimental and electro-acoustic music” and “Hans Kaiser Institute for musical basic research”. He played in an ensemble of Rennaisance Music as well this time he played and recorded with musicians of the local scene. 1992 back in germany and after staying in a Zen monastery in the Black Forest, he founded the label This Time Next Year records which later mutated to Zparxge records and finally to the current label mudoks records. He was teaching workshops for improvised music especially in Italy. Later (2003) he founded his own school for new and improvised music “Werkstatt für improvisierte und neue Musik”. Since 1998 with his family in Überlingen on Lake Constance he built up his own label and an associated studio, with teaching for new and improvised music. Documentation of this work on the label mudoks records. For over 2 years he worked also with handicaped people/projects in developing her own musical language and communication. He collaborates with dancers, choreographers and video artists and creates music for theater, dance productions and his own films.


Elmar Guantes

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