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CD No. 1: [55:21]

1. Dragonfly Breath: Live at Zebulon [31:19] Paul Flaherty, Steve Swell, C. Spenser Yeh, Weasel Walter. Recorded at Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY by Weasel Walter, May 8, 2012.

2. Essakane [7:24] Magnus Broo, Ken Vandermark, Steve Swell, Joe Williams, Michael Vatcher. Recorded at Salao Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal by Joao Serigado Miranda, May 28, 2011.

3. Schemata and Heuristics for Four Clarinets No. 1 [8:09] Ned Rotherberg, Guillermo Gregorio, Miguel Malla, Zara Acosta-Chen, Steve Swell. Recorded at Park WestStudios by Jim Clouse, March 27, 2014.

4. News from the Upper West Side [8:29] Tom Bruckner, Steve Swell. Recorded by Steve Swell, January 28, 2014

CD No. 2 [1:01:46]

1. Splitting Up is Hard to Do [4:46] Steve Swell. Recorded by Steve Swell, September 25, 2012.

2. Live at the Hideout No. 1 [11:19] No. 2 [15:30] No. 3 [8:03] Guillermo Gregorio, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Steve Swell. Recorded at The Hideout, Chicago, IL by David Zuchowski, August 29, 2012.

3. Composite No. 8 [22:08] Darius Jones, Steve Swell, Omar Tamez, Jonathan Golove, James Ilgenfritz. Recorded at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY by Ben Manley December 6, 2012.

In Japanese culture KANREKI

is the celebration of one’s 60th birthday. It is a time of reflection of one’s past experiences and renewal of one’s energies while moving forward into a new chapter of one’s life with clarity and determination. This CD would not have been possible without all the musicians here, Marek Winiarski and the love of Barbara Manes. — Steve Swell


Raw Materials
Suave smooth
Lean mean
Elegant in their

structural improvisations using the acoustical properties of the space as a point of departure, amplifying objects, oscillators, entanglement of wires into kinetic phenomenon activating manipulated interference modulations to short circuit local landscapes immersing cultural snapshots of electronic chatter intricacies in order to factualize the ceremonies of real time into multi channel saturated sonic listeners

These strange furtive silhouettes re-crossing interstate commerce lines are yesterdays conversations with their comical fabric invites and fading footsteps arriving then vanishing within mingled silent presences of ghostly nebula on invisible paths hearing a world of inviting encounters

Their watering cans are filled with impulsive pistols gesturing revealed devices to passers by confronted with occupied radio frequencies of various channels inculcated with hammering drill bits against the metallic dusk of their own undoing making it easier and easier to further agendas that will ultimately kill them

Unearthing the gleaning underpass north of places of worship and other public spaces unknown or forgotten, espousing more for less while breakdancing with orbital pitches of prevalent truths and other such lies that make for clock work redundancies infiltrating cognizant double-entendres with the conspicuous assurance that we struggle along just to wake each other up

STEVE SWELL 10/24/12

We gain, move forward and forget –
to relearn something not as worthy
Is that what’s happening?
Until I know I am that or know that I am
or just am makes for a constant
winding and rewinding of my mind squeezing
My soul like a determined cobra forcing an outcome
my heart finds unacceptable
because there must be something else
Allowing for a stillness in motion is just not taught here
on the shores of this denial
Inevitable destiny is calling
us all home but always rebelling
What is us and not what we think us is


Into Poetry
Spring bursts suddenly with the bloom of awareness
Warming my face and back with petals of sound
falling gently onto my lap
I am filled to the brim with hope and music
caressing the back of my neck
Turning winter’s onslaught of nothingness
into poetry


Caution, voyager
Bridge the Bristol
With Bebop,
and jersey City
and too much
time on your
hands to
know this is not
right and that
might be worse
but never knowing
the lesser of
two evils equals
The hot, Biblical Hell
of alternating spaces of
someone else’s making
Forgetting the business
of here.

STEVE SWELL November 2003


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