Interzone Jazzorchestra | Transylvanian Grace | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2002 | MW 740-2 | CD

Maurice De Martin – drums | Mircea Tiberian – piano | Adam Pierończyk – saxes (right side) | Vladimir Karparov – saxes (left side) | Horst Nonnenmacher – double-bass | Daniel ‘Topo’ Gioia – percussion | Marta Hristea – voice

Recorded, mixed and mastered in July 2000 at SFB Studios, Berlin, Germany by: Sound supervisor: Wolfgang Hoff. Sound engineer: Ekkehard Stoffregen. Master/Cut: Ricarda Molder. Producer for SFB Radiokultur: Ulf Drechsel. Produced by Maurice de Martin. Executive producer: Marek Winiarski. Artwork by Konstantin Kern. Photos by Kurt Hielscher, Coralia Jianu and Maurice de Martin.

Tracklist: 1. Ouverture [03:14] 2. Armenian Prayer [10:03] 3. Life In Two Parts [08:05] 4. Sirba [01:43] 5. Joane, Joane [06:16] 6. Lambada From Oltenitza [06:24] 7. Miniature No.2 [00:53] 8. Copsa Mica Mormolog [02:29] 9. Send Back My Wife [05:20] 10. Doina [05:25] 11. Munedoara Castle Ghost [02:25]

The music on this album

wants to reflect the great musical heritage of Romanian and especially Transylvanian folklore. The traditional songs are taken from the “Lautari” and vilagers’ repertoire, which you can still hear on weedings celebrations and in the village bars around the Carpathians The original compositions are written under the strong sensual impressions of our mutual trips through the Transylvanian highlands in the years 1997-2000. Enjoy the Music! — Maurice de Martin & Mircea Tiberian


Maurice de Martin

originally coming from the small nucleous of the Munich-Avant-Jazz-Scene, very soon getting closely connected to the NY-Avantgarde and Art-Noise-Rock-Scene in the late 80ies (’89 debut with “Brother Virus” as first German band at the “oldschool” NYC clubs “Knitting Factory” and “CBGBs”), Maurice found his home-base as a professional musician in an artistic atmosphere where the unity of performer and composer in one person as well as the art of multiple authorship was highly cultivated. The missing necessity of specialisation and purity encouraged him to further on develope most of his multiple interests in the academic as well as the non-academic spheres of creation.

His studies in New York City (1990-95) led to a period in Berlin (where he moved in 1995), when he did the same time research and experimented with classical composition (Giya Kancheli), improvisation (the former DDR-Free-Impro-scene), the genuine Folklore of South Eastern Europe (performing with traditional ensembles in Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria as scholarship holder of the DAAD), but also being an active performer and recording-artist in the various forms of Jazz, Metal, Noise, Rock and electronic music. Later, through his longtime collaboration with the Ensemble Zeitkratzer, Maurice became an experienced interpret of Contemporary Music. His repertory in the Ensemble as well as a soloist goes from K.H. Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, John Cage, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, La Monte Young, James Tenney, Alvin Lucier and reaches direct collaboration with now-music artists such as Elliott Sharp, Carsten Nicolai, Keiji Haino, Whitehouse, Zbigniew Karkowski, Terre Thaemlitz and Manuel Göttsching.

Up to today, Maurice de Martin is increasingly developing an attitude of creation that can be best described as: Expansion instead of deconstruction. Besides the pure music, there is a certain love of the performative element coming from diverse activities around Fluxus-based performance-art (Donaufestival Krems/Schillertheater/Haus am Waldsee, Berlin) as well as a special focus on the work with language and the sound of language in his more recent works for Theater (Schaubühne), Music-Theater (Operdynamo West) and dance.


Percussion……combining self-built instruments, objects from the ethno-field that he usually collects on his trips, modern set-drumming and experimental setups with traditional/classical orchestral percussion-equipment and technique. Research with tools out of the everydays-life-field, instruments and electronics, live-recording and live-processing.

Recently working as……steady percussionist for the ensemble “Zeitkratzer” (artist in residence at the Donaufestival Krems/Austria and guest-ensemble at the Volksbuehne Berlin), composer/musical director for several major Theater-productions (Schaubühne: Midsummernightsdream, Cat on the hot tin roof, Roomservice a.o.,stage-periods ’06,’07 and ’08,, and composer/musical director for the German-Korean Opera-installation “Freischütz-ga” with Janina Janke, Schillertheater/Berlin 08/08, Theater-Installation “Der Findling” with Janina Janke, KGIT Soul/South Korea 10/08 in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Seoul, Korea-Foundation and Senate Berlin. The inspiring and successful collaboration with Operdynamo West continued in the year 2010 with the multimedia-performance-project „VWS-Der Findling“ in Berlin.

Other important Longtime-projects……since 1989: “Brother Virus”, since 1997: “Interzone” with Mircea Tiberian, since 2000: Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra/“Transylvaniana“, since 2001: Zeitkratzer, since 2003: “3D” with Christopher Dell and Chris Dahlgren…



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