Jeff Platz | Jim Hobbs | Luther Gray | Timo Shanko | Sour Grapes | Glitch Records

Jeff Platz – guitar | Jim Hobbs – alto saxophone | Luther Gray – drumset | Timo Shanko – bass

Recorded in 2014 by Jason Bitner at Q Division studios, Boston Massachusetts. Mastering by Kevin Frenette, Randolf MA. Many thanks to Holger Drees at Grafikdesign Holger Drees and Dirk Bremshey at Skycap Records. All right reserved 2014 Glitch Records.

Tracklist: 1. Sour Grapes [7:39] 2. Knufus tomb [3:41] 3. Fudgie [5:16] 4. Heckler [9:22] 5. Epic [9:18] 6. XYZ [3:10] 7. Chanter [6:52] 8. Smoke Break [1:33]

Welcome to the latest release on Glitch Records, Sour Grapes!

Sour Grapes features Boston area musicians Jeff Platz, Timo Shanko, Jim Hobbs, and Luther Gray. Sour Grapes was recorded in the fall of 2014 in Boston Massachusetts at Q Division studio by Jason Bitner. The session was a six hour excursion into free style playing., incorporating electronics with acoustics, no holes barred! Platz, Shanko, Hobbs and Gray have played together for several years in a variety of Boston and New York City based ensembles. Each member is a composer and bandleader, all with several individual recordings and ensemble projects. We hope you enjoy the recording! Many thanks for listening! — Jeff Platz


Jeff Platz

– guitarist, composer, has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. He has performed in various music festivals world wide such as New York city’s “What is Jazz” festival, the “Heidelberg jazz festival” in Heidelberg Germany, Amsterdam’s” Crossing Borders” festival and the Munster International Jazz festival in Munster Germany.

The Berlin based music journalist Wolf Kampmann writes, “Platz’s music is generous although never accidental. The secret of its uninhibited quality lies more in Platz’s playful use of the familiar where intuition, feeling, and memory are the most important navigational instruments”.

Jeff also co manages the German based music label Skycap Records. In November of 2005 he organized the first U.S. based Skycap Music festival which featured recently recorded Skycap artists such as Joe Morris, Steve Lantner and Jim Hobbs.

In May of 2010 Jeff released his latest quartet cd “Panoramic” featuring New York City legend Daniel Carter on reeds and trumpet. Free writes, “the ensemble is a wonderful example of cohesive playing and total sound, full of lyricism”. In a recent live review Downbeat magazine said “Platz’s group was truly amazing, on fire!”.

In July of 2010 Platz received a grant from the city of Muenster Germany for Werkstadt Tage, a multi media arts festival. In November of 2010 Platz will collaborate with visual artists to present a musical score for live improvisation and short film focusing on individual artists perspectives of the city of Muenster. Recently Brilliant Corners, a Boston based jazz website interviewed Platz.


Jim Hobbs

was born and raised in north-eastern Indiana at the convergence of three rivers. He is a recipient of the Doris Duke New Works Grant for composition from Chamber Music America. After a childhood of chewing hay and catching salamanders he began playing the saxophone. He received a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music where he majored in composition. It was there that he met bassist Timo Shanko and started the Fully Celebrated Orchestra (FCO), which has released 10+ recordings on various labels including Silkheart, Skycap and Innova. FCO is also the subject of a children’s book. He has performed and recorded with Joe Morris, Luther Gray, Taylor Ho Bynum, Bill Lowe, The Jazz Composers Alliance, Forbes Graham, The Prodigal Suns, Mackie Burnett, Fred Hopkins, Laurence Cook, Jon Voight, Junko Simons, Nightstick, The Death’s Head Quartet, Josh Roseman, Curtis Hasselbring, The Lunch Factor, Laura Andel, Brother Blue and many others.”


Luther Gray

was born March 10, 1972 in New Orleans, LA. His family moved to Washington, D.C. where, as a teenager, he started playing drums in punk rock bands. Though largely self-taught, his musical training involved drum lessons from Kim Martin, Larry Bright, Steve Bagby, and Mickey Newman. In 1995 he graduated the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Music, after which he taught privately and performed in the Washington , D.C. area with, among others, Butch Warren, Cecil Payne, Webster Young, Tsunami, Jenny Toomey, and Buck Hill. Upon moving to Boston in 2000 he resumed teaching private drum lessons and has played with Joe Morris, Anthony Braxton, Joe McPhee, Cameron Brown, Allan Chase, Joseph Daley, Sabir Mateen, Roy Campbell, Ida, Geoff Farina, Andrew White, Rob Brown, Bill Lowe, Taylor Ho Bynum, Raqib Hassan, Bill Pierce, Steve Swell, Joe Beck, Fred Anderson, Ken Vandermark and many others. Luther has performed in festivals and concerts across the country and abroad. He has recorded for the Simple Machines, Hat Hut, ESP, AUM Fidelity, Riti Rec, Skycap, Clean Feed, Xeng, Atavistic, Not Two, and Jardis labels, among others. In addition to his performing schedule Luther teaches art and music at an after-school program for elementary school children.


Timo Shanko

born Timo Kielnecker, in Los Angeles, CA, 1968. Attended Santa Monica High School, Class of 1986. Began electric bass studies at age 11 learning rock, blues and soul songs; focusing on Theory and Technique. Played in bands with older musicians at bars, clubs, parties, etc… in the area starting at age 14. Discovered Jazz. Moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1989. Discovered modern classical music and Avant Garde Jazz. Founded the Fully Celebrated Orchestra (FCO) with Alto Saxophonist Jim Hobbs playing in the streets. Moved to NYC 1990-1991. On tour with Eddie Kirkland as Band Director 1990-1994 traveling extensively and played with many blues legends. Founded the Prodigal Suns 1993-1995. Signed a major label deal with Geffen Records and toured again. Moved back to Boston to further develop FCO, other original groups and expand acoustic Bass and Tenor Saxophone skills. Over 50 recording appearances and numerous mentions in Media. Many published books and awards won. From 2009-2013, Timo was a member of G. Love & Special Sauce, touring major venues in the US, Japan, Australia, and also performed with many major artists.

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