Kip Hanrahan | A thousand night and a night – (1- red nights | American Clavé

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Robby Ameen : trap drums | Jack Bruce : voice | Mike Cain : organ / piano | Milton Cordona : congas | Anthony Carrillo : bongos / congas | Silvana Deluigi : voice | Richie Flores : congas | Andy Gonzalez : bass | DD Jackson : piano | Kip Hanrahan : musical director / percussion | Horacio El Negro Hernandez : trap drums | JT Lewis : trap drums | Carmen Lundy : voice | Paoli Mejias : congas / quinto | Charles Neville : saxophone / voice | Don Pullen : organ / piano | Puntilla Orlando Rios : quinto / voice | Abraham Rodriguez : clave / congas / voice | Brandon Ross : chorus / guitar / voice | Fernando Saunders : bass / voice | Eric Schenkman : guitar / voice | Steve Swallow : bass | Henry Threadgill : flute | Alfredo Triff : violin | Eric Valez : congas

(1- Red Nights) was recorded in New York, July 1994 through March 1996. Principle recording and mixing engineer: Jon Fausty. Also: Mike Krowiak, Suzy Dyer, David Voight, Patrick Derivaz, Tim Conlin. Mastering engineer: Greg Calbi (Masterdisc, New York). Cover and booklet designed and constructed by capoeira graphics. Thanks to Fran Gonzalez and Nancy Given at Rounder and Brian Harvey and Eric Cornett at Sir Speedy (Virginia).

Produced and directed by Kip Hanrahan. Executive producer: Ina Dittke. Critical encouragement and critical shelter: Nany Hanrahan. Angel of inspiration: Leija Hanrahan. Journey mate: Robby Ameen. Angels: Jack Bruce, Charles Neville, Brandon Ross, Eric Schenkman, Silvana Diluigi, Heinz Peter Schwerfel, Steve Swallow, Bryan Theobald, El Negro. Special friends on the roads, even after I rode my honda into a truck (the honda lost): Yale Evelev, Dave May. Project poets: David Kaufman, David Weisberg.

kip hanrahan | a thousand night and a night - (1- red nights | american clavé

Tracklist: 1. Shahrazad (Opening) 2. Sitt Al Milla / Zumurrud 3. The Jewish Doctor’s Tale (Opening) 4. Aziz And Azizah (Opening) 5. Diente De Oro 6. Aziz And Azizah (Continued) 7. Al-Mumuun And The Arab Girl By The Well 8. The Lost Prince (Excerpt From The Third Dervish’s Tale) 9. Princess Dunya And Taj Al-Muluk 10. Princess Dunya’s Nocturnal Realization 11. Shahrazade Shifts Angles, Introducing 12. The Yemeni Merchant And The Three Different Colored Women 13. The Jinniya Who Envied Human Suffering 14. The Hasheater’s Tale 15. The Angel Charles And The Caravan Of Jinns 16. Shahrazade And The Closing Of The First Night Of Stories

kip hanrahan | a thousand night and a night - (1- red nights | american clavé

This disc (these nights?) are long and dense.

It’s pretty much impossible to listen to the entire disc, intensely, in one’ pass, so a producer’s suggestion is to take a break (a nap?) at about the fifty something minute mark (after “Princess Dunya and Taj al-Muluk”) and resume listening with “Princess Dunya’s Nocturnal understanding.” The pieces and music on this disc needed to be here, in this night cycle, so as far as cutting is concerned, in this case, it doesn’t make sense to offer “less.” Anyway, nobody’s putting a knife to your neck and making you listen to everything. Listen to what you want of the offering.

The stories on this disc were learned from the translations of the Arabian Nights by (the forty volume, unreadable) Burton (including Supplemental Nights). Dawood, Mardrus/Mathers, Pasolini, Borges, Zipes, and, (in ways the clearest) Haddawy and are told (sung) pretty much verbatim, as I understood them.

There is no mercy, no justice, except in God, the Almighty, who created the Earth and all the Heavens, and all contained therein, including Evil, Pain and Suffering, with such exquisite Perfection.

To the Pure, all Things are Pure.

kip hanrahan | a thousand night and a night - (1- red nights | american clavé


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