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“During the mid-90s whenever I visited back home to Southern California rather than hang with my old friends on some street corner we’d book studio time and hang out there instead, and make music. They’d make the music and I’d tell stories. This is sorta like Volume 2 of my CD on the 9Winds label called OBBLIGATOS FOR TERPSICHOREAN DIPSOMANIACS which translates: Musical Ditties for Dancing Drunks.” — Mark Weber

Tracklist: 1. Wavering 2. Big Wide Smile 3. Aspects of Pancake Preparation 4. Big Web Agonistes 5. Changing Planes in Phoenix 6. Pancakeology 7. Bug Times 8. In for the Long Haul 9. Is It Too Late for a Valentine’s Poem 10. Lester Leaps In 11. Page 541 12. Go Hang 13. Egyptian Book of the Horny Dead 14. The First House 15. Sidelines 16. Mr. Goodwrench 17. Meandering Ruminations 18. I Do This, I Do That #4 19. MW & GL 20. Big Wide Smile, Again 21. Subtractions

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