Erika Dagnino & Stefano Pastor | Cycles | Slam Productions

Cycles is a remarkable work with literary and psycho-philosphical groundings and overtones, by a remarkable violinist, Stefano Pastor, in equal collaboration with poet Erika Dagnino. Pastor has, of course, a European sensibility—he and Dagnino are, after all, Italian—but his innovative improvisational conception is rooted in the development of the jazz tradition; it is not a eurocentric classical derivation. I shall not say much about either the music or the words, which, with attention, will sound and speak for themselves. And attention is in order—in the order and the chaos. — Anthony Barnett Continue reading

Mark Weber | Time Zone Differential | Zerx

“During the mid-90s whenever I visited back home to Southern California rather than hang with my old friends on some street corner we’d book studio time and hang out there instead, and make music. They’d make the music and I’d tell stories. This is sorta like Volume 2 of my CD on the 9Winds label called OBBLIGATOS FOR TERPSICHOREAN DIPSOMANIACS which translates: Musical Ditties for Dancing Drunks.” — Mark Weber Continue reading

John Bennett | Tire Grabbers | an audio book

Tire Grabbers is the story of the coming of Moloch, a horrific force that mutates out of the Era of the Great Schism and – feeding on spiritual marrow – threatens Mankind’s extinction. And it is the story of the children who challenge Moloch, with their innocence and with an army of mind creatures that they eject into the outer world and call…– John Bennett Continue reading

Norbert Blei | Jim Spector | The Quiet Time: Door County in Winter

Jim Spector is best known for his passionate solo flamenco recordings and his inspired concert performances. He has arranged, composed and recorded the soundtracks to award-winning documentary films and music from his compact disc recording “Flamenco Passions” (DCV002, Door Couniy Voices) has been featured on American Airlines. In this collaboration with Norbert Blei, the text provided the images to inspire a musical setting for sensitive, evocative readings. Continue reading

Ute Kaiser | Achim Tang | Maria Ammann | Prosa, Gedichte, Briefe von Margarete Steffin | Nemu Records

Die Mehrzahl von Steffins Gedichten – und Brechts Antwortgedichte – sind Sonette. Eine traditionsreiche und anspruchsvolle Form, die Mühe macht und Können verlangt. Steffin und Brecht haben sich ihre Sonette gegenseitig korrigiert. In diesem pfleglichen Umgang mit der literarischen Produktion des Anderen fand die gegenseitige Gewogenheit einen in der Literatur einzigartigen Ausdruck. — Robert Cohen, New York Continue reading