Howard McCord Reads at the Anasazi Fields Winery Placitas. NM | Vox Audio

Howard’s most recent books are The Complete Poems of Howard McCord (Bloody Twins Press 2002), The Man Who Walked to the Moon, A Novella ( 1 (McPherson 1997) and Walking to Extremes (McPherson 2008). This reading was part of the 2011 Duende Reading Series. Recorded in Placitas, NM October 30, 2011. Edited by Bruce Holsapple. Cover photo by James M. Gay Jr. Copyright c 2011 Howard McCord and Vox Audio P.O. Box 594 Magdalena, NM 87825

1. Gary Brower Intro

Howard McCord

Tracklist: 2. The Rim of the Great Basin 3. Kathmandu Valley: A Hillside 4. My Cow 5. Listening to Maps 6. Jennifer, what the world begins 7. Jennifer, naming the babies 8. Jennifer, you are the woman 9. London, 1914 10. Some Information About the Deril 11. Sparrow-Lore 12. Christ the Dances 13. What Ohio Needs 14. Old Beast Talk 15. The Old Beast Gives Advice 16. The Old Beast Heals a Paralytic 17. Dogs and Thunder 18. Thomas the Cat Recites the Manner of His Death 19. More Physics 20. Les Enfants Terrible 21. Millennial Dawn 22. The Figures 23. Waiting for the Elf


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