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THE BUBBADINOS: Ken Keppeler — fretless gut banjo, mandolin, jaw harp, pentecostalism, harmonica, vocals, button accordions, fiddle. Mark Weber – vocals, Okie box guitar, hubcaps (track 1). Stefan Dill — flamenco guitar, electric guitars. Mark Weaver – tuba, scissors, hubcaps (track 11). Bubba D — tambourine, background vocals, fretless mountain dulcimer, lap steel, shakuhachi & live looping. Mary Redhouse – vocals. GUEST BUBBADINO: Michael Vlatkovich – trombone

Tracklist: 1. Black Rising Sun (6:29) 2. Approaching of the Disco Void (Fahey) (3:25) 3. Long Black Veil (MariJohn Wilkin & Danny Dill) (4:27) 4. Ten Years Ago (Long Black Veil part 2) (3:40) 5. Flickering (J.A.Deane)(2:10) 6. Buttons & Bows (For Dinah Shore) (J.Livingston/R.B.Evans) (2:13) 7. Moon River (Jhonny Mercer/Henry Mancini (2:34) 8. Way Back Long Ago & Now (11:46) 9. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed (trad. ) (3:36) 10. Old Dan Tucker (p.d.) (3:41) 11. Hardnose (4:03 12. Pecos River (J.A. Deane) (1:16) 13. Rain is Hard and Rain is Good (2:23) 14. Route 3 (J.A.Deane) (2:45) 15. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) (3:06) 16. Black Diamond Express Train to Hell (Keppeler) (12:33) 17. Mythical Kansas (2:23)

When Big Web asked me to join his new band the (as yet un-named) Bubbadinos he asked me to play trombone but I told him that I wanted to play lapsteel guitar. He said “I didn’t know that you could play the steel guitar”, I said “I can’t”. J.A. Deane

All songs by Mark Weber (c)2001 except otherwise noted. Mixed by MW+Q. Mastered & engineered by Quincy. Recorded during 2001 in New Mexico. Zerx #47

Mark Weber | 27 feb 1999 | Photo: James Gale

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