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The Sgt Bubbadino Sessions

THE BUBBADINOS: Stefan Dill – flamenco & electric guitars, re-enlist trumpet, Ken Keppeler – mandolin, fretless banjo, violin, jaw harp, button accordion, harmonica, Mary Redhouse – vocls, Mark Weber – guitar, vocals, Bubba D – schroeder piano, lapsteel, shakuhachi, dulcimer, bass flute, Mark Weaver – tuba, trombone, Juan Taike – percussion,

Guests: Simon Ortiz – reading his poem “A New Story”, Sankirtan Das“Hare Krishna”, Dick Barnes – washboard and reading his poem “The Wisdom of the Pioneers”

Tracklist: 1. Code Blue Alert – (4:47) 2. Walkin Mood – (3:27) 3. You Don’t Seem To Miss Me – (3:58) (Jim Lauderdale) 4. Particles Drifting – (4:40) 5. Leaving the Nest – (2:35) 6. Bless Your Heart – (2:10) 7. Bloody Bone – (2:36) 8. Wasteland – (4:36) 9. Elk River Blues – (1:57) (Ernie Carpenter) (words by Mark Weber) 10. A New Story – (4:05) 11. Here in the Real World – (3:23) (Alan Jackson & Mark Irwin) 12. Nickel and a Dime – (2:53) (Mark Weber & Todd Moore) 13. Walkin Mood (reprise) – (8:37) 14. Gambler’s Providence – (1:18) 15. Paint it Baxter Black (glory be rama rama glory be) – (8:40)

Recorded in Albuquerque on 6/11 & 10/23 2000. Recorded and mastered by “The Killer Q” (Ouincy Adams) Mixed by DQW (Rendered in Tri-Phonic Sound) All songs by Mark Weber (c) 2001

As much as Bubba D loved playing the tracking sessions Dino loved the mixing sessions with the post crew DQW (dino/quincy/weber). When we finally dug into the studio “concept album” (#4- yup, we’re beating a dead horse/the sargent bubbadino sessions), we used George Martin’s book (with a little help from my friends), about the making of Revolver/Sgt. Pepper’s/Magical Mystery Tour, as the script for the entire project. J.A. Deane

Mark Weber | 27 feb 1999 | Photo: James Gale

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One thought on “The Bubbadinos | Yup, We’re Beating A Dead Horse | Zerx

  1. The latest dispatch from this New Mexico band is another fascinating collection of songs, most of them by Mark Weber, whose vocals continue to have an appeal that a listener not yet jaded by the ways of the commercial world might even assume might have a place on Top 40 radio. He certainly is charming, and the varied and sometimes intricate backup from his musical associates doesn’t hurt a bit. As seems to be the way with this group, some of the tracks depart from the song norm completely in order to present performances such as a multi-tracked collage by J.A. Deane, himself a well-respected performer on the avant-garde scene as well as seeming to be a member of this band, although a secretive one. Choices of covers are good, including a fine tune by the underrated songwriter Jim Lauderdale. Several tracks of poetry also show that the group is aiming at a sophisticated, intelligent audience, which all those interested in creative American music surely hope the group will find.

    By Eugene Chadbourne | Jun 18, 2004 @

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