The Shoreditch Trio | Again | Amirani Records

GIANNI MIMMO – soprano saxophone | HANNAH MARSHALL – cello | NICOLA GUAZZALOCA – piano

Edition number twenty-nine of Amirani Records is AGAIN. Proudly co-produced with TERIYAKI records

Live at Air-Odeon studio in Bruxelles during the 2010 Belgian tour, recorded and mastered by the magic Michel Huon, here is the second excellent release of this awesome trio featuring an inventive, fresher, refined istant compositions.

Music – Gianni Mimmo, Hannah Marshall, Nicola Guazzaloca. Recording – 2010, October the 3rd, Air-Odeon Studio, Bruxelles. Engineering, mixing, mastering – Michel W. Huon. Liner note – John Russell. Photo – Pat Lugo. Concept – Gianni Mimmo. Graphics – Nicola Guazzaloca. Production – Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records and Teriyaki Records. Thanks to Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg for concert organization and to Marco Loprieno and Pat Lugo for their lovely logistic support and warm friendship

Tracklist: 1.Heraclitus suite (I-II-III-IV) [20:18] 2.The Remaining Tale [8:35] 3. Una Lira Per Uno [4:19] 4.Daily Transience [7:51] 5.Suggested Reasons [9:01] 6.The Vanishing Circle [10:57] Total Playing Time: [61:03]

Brilliant interplay, intriguing inner voices and tone nuance declinations are the sincere output of the trio that shows here a terrific attention to the detail, engaging concentration and a overall formal sense as well. Talented skills, dramatic balance, soulful performance are the precious gift of The Shoreditch Trio taken here is a superbe live concert.

the shoreditch trio | again | amirani records

When I think about what I look for in a musician

it is that they add something to music. That they have their own musicality. The musician also has to have a generosity of spirit. Freely bringing their complete range of skills to the playing situation and serving a musical imperative rather than following or hiding behind an agenda. They must also have what I call the edge. This is creating in real time. There are many musicians who can play Charlie Parker solos note for note but the edge is missing as they are not, nor ever could be, Charlie Parker. Non of us can be someone else. To have the edge is not to trot out a series of well rehearsed licks but to be there, in the moment, playing the music in the way only you can.

I have had the good fortune to have played with three musicians on this CD and they pass all my criteria to the full. Generous with ideas, open minded and spirited, and with a genuine musical curiosity. As a group I heard them in October 2009 at Shoreditch Church in London and thought at the time ‘this group has legs’ meaning that it could continue growing and developing its music for a long time if the chance was there.

I’m delighted it wasn’t a one off concert and that the group has indeed grown into the fine one you can here on this CD, where each musician is intimately aware of the space occupied by the others and the aim is quite simply to play good music. — John Russell

the shoreditch trio | again | amirani records

NICOLA GUAZZALOCA – piano | HANNAH MARSHALL – cello | GIANNI MIMMO – soprano saxophone


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