Blaise Siwula | John Gilbert | Fulgornatus | CD

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Blaise Siwula – (saxophone) | John Gilbert – (guitar)

Tracklist: 1. Orange Sails 2. People never met passing 3. 4 Challenges can Count 4. Turned Time in retrograde 5. Continual A Rise 6. Can’t see the fine print 7. Dream State Relevance 8. Dot Dot Be Dot…

Fulgornatus “ornate lightning” from Latin roots- was recorded 10-4-08 in Brooklyn, NY. The song titles refer to reflective responses of the structures ie spontaneous compositions. This partnership began via the internet. John Gilbert guitar is a resident of Tampa, Fl and Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax and clarinet is in Brooklyn, NY. They met at Blaise’s studio in Brooklyn with two microphones and a HD recorder and performed the concepts that had been inferred via email and phone calls. 20th century classical music … microtonal approaches in composition… Messeian…. Thelonious Monk. John Gilbert- guitarist and musical innovationist, serialist of microtones & death metal guitarist. Blaise Siwula – Saxophones/Clarinets adherent of free original music in any medium or genre.