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A very special thanks

to Noel Young of Capra Press for his generosity in providing us with invaluable information, advice and material for this special Henry Miller issue.


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Photo Credits

Front Cover: Henry Miller watercolor, photo by Gail Mezey, courtesy Capra Press. Back Cover: Henry Miller in the doorway of his study at his home on Partington Ridge, Big Sur, September 1951. Photo Copyright 1977 by Robert Young, Jr. Courtesy Capra Press. Page 1: Black & white reproduction of a 1968 Miller watercolor of an anonymous friend, titled “The Third Eye.” Courtesy of Capra Press. Page 2: 1942 photo of Miller. Courtesy of Val Miller/Capra Press. Page 9: Caricature by Brassai, 1931. Courtesy Capra Press. Page 17: Photo by Jaime Snyder. Courtesy Capra Press. Page 19: Newspaper clipping photo. Page 24: Photo by Emil White. Courtesy Capra Press. Page 29: Photo by Robert Sheldon. Courtesy Capra Press.